A post about college, that has nothing to do with actual college

It really doesn’t matter what your major is, college is hard. For the past 12 years, you’ve been told what to do and what classes to take. When you couldn’t figure something out you could just go up to your teacher during class. You had your friendships that you spent years building and as gross as it was the food was free. Ok, so now you graduated… shit is about to go down. You pick your classes by yourself, (you pay for them too). You have to make an appointment with your professor (yeah, that’s what they call them in college), just to ask a simple question about the reading. You don’t have friends and you pay steakhouse prices for shitty food at this weird ass cafeteria and eat by yourself. Right so, so far all I’ve done is complain about college, but I promise you it’s not THAT bad. The college experience is much more than the education part of it. If you go fresh out of high school, it’s your first dose of the real world. If you go a little later, you ask yourself why the hell you didn’t do this sooner because your brain seems to not retain information as great as It did In your early years from all the partying you decided to do instead of going straight to college.

I graduated college at 26, 2 weeks before my 27th birthday. I received my associate in creative writing (and all I can do with that degree is write a blog and so that pretty much sums up college and I could probably just end this post right here) but I won’t. College taught me a lot. Not just how to be a better writer but how to be a better version of myself. So, I decided to share with you the 5 most important lessons I learned in college that had nothing to do with education.  

  1. Nobody cares what you look like – In grade school your appearance was just as important as your grades, in college you wear the same t-shirt and never comb your hair all semester, nobody cares enough to notice you. Trust me, I can count the times I combed my hair in college… on one hand.
  2. Snacks are way more important than meals– if you do not have the wavy snacks for that 3-hour class, it doesn’t matter how good your breakfast was right before class… class will be trash! Pay for those overpriced chips and cookies, I promise it will be worth it. Snacks are just as important to bring to class as your supplies. 
  3. Don’t bother learning anybody’s name – you’ll most likely never see them again after this semester and when you miss class, they probably did too because you only missed class because it was raining and you thought some how it was a valid enough excuse… and so did they.
  4. GET OFF YOUR PHONE – I cannot stress this enough! You stop paying attention and taking notes for 30 seconds because the memes are hittin on the gram and you look up you’re on a totally different chapter 15 slides ahead and you’re confused and then the professor says that will be on the test. You’re now gonna fail your test and you didn’t even screenshot the meme on time cause the page refreshed. you took 2 Ls in one class.
  5. FIGURE IT OUT YOUR DAMN SELF– this should’ve been number one. Nobody knows where the lecture room is. Nobody else knows how to use the college website. The advisers do exactly that, advise, but the rest is on you. I don’t know why you have to go to 9345 different offices to get one thing done but you do. I don’t know where to print anything. Nobody ever has the notes from last week.  The only thing that’s clear in college is, that tuition bill. 

Listen, college is hard. Nobody helps you; nobody really cares. Pay your tuition on time and nobody bothers you. You have to figure it all out on your own and it’s not because there’s no help, it’s because everyone else is probably trying to figure out the same things you are. Academics are important, your grades, your education, I mean you’re paying you might as well pay attention in class. But don’t ignore everything else college teaches you, the stuff you don’t pay for. About life, about other people, about yourself. Enjoy college and everything it offers. It’s an amazing experience if you do choose to go. 


I’m Rossy ( Row-z ). I am a mother and a writer. Im 28 years young and im still figuring myself out, but i realllly like the woman i’m getting to know. i love all things food, sleep & wavy fits. Im not even sure where i want to take this. My need to write is so much bigger than my need to understand why.

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