You’re Toxic, i’m… not Britney tho.

Toxic people suck. They do. We constantly see posts saying “YoU CaN CuT tOxIc PeOplE OUt oF yoUr LiFe” but can you really? I mean, what if you live with or work with them. You really going to leave your parents crib because they get you tight? You know you can’t afford it, calm down, take your stupid ass to your room. Some toxicity is inevitable. You can’t cut it all out your life. There are, however, ways to deal with it to make it just a little bit more bearable. Or at least try to. So, in true romyboattt fashion, here’s 5 ways to deal with toxic people that you can’t avoid. 

Address them– listen as dumb as it sounds, some people just don’t know they are toxic. People get so stuck in their ways that they think their behavior is fine because its who they are. Okay don’t be that person who’s like yeah well they should blah blah blah.. Shut up. Face it, some people don’t see the problem in how they are so just tell them. Let them know how they are making you feel. If they are someone you care about you just hate how they behave with you, tell them. What the fuck is so hard about that.  

Love yourself enough– okay so granted, most of the time toxic people just don’t give a fuck. It’s never you its always them. So you have to love yourself enough to not let someone else’s negativity affect you. Know that its not you. Don’t ever question if its you. Love yourself. The problem when you don’t love yourself is that you constantly feel as if its your fault. Every time someone treats you badly you think you did something. No, some people are just assholes and that’s okay. Build up your self-confidence to know you’re wavy and they suck.  

Ignore them– I feel like this one is obvious, but I still have to talk about it. Man fuck them. Just ignore them. If it’s a family member, only address them when necessary, same if it’s a coworker. Listen sometimes you just gotta let these people be, they are dealing with some bullshit and you don’t need no parts.  

Be a dick– now I should probably preach this whole bigger person bullshit, but I won’t. Sometimes they need a taste of their own medicine. Give it to them. Speak up for yourself. A calm “Fuck you” is necessary with people like this so they know not to mess with you. Toxic people will project their insecurities onto you, they’ll bully you because they dealing with some demons they don’t want to face. It’s okay to stand up and tell them leave you alone. Your problems, your insecurities are not mine to deal with so leave me alone. PERIODT!  

Check YOURSELF– Yes, check yourself. As much as I preached in the last 4 about how much people suck, sometimes its you that sucks. People treat you like shit because you’re a shitty person. Figure out what you’re doing wrong to cause people to be mean to you. Sometimes the toxicity you bring spills out onto others.

Honestly, toxic people suck. I can’t stress this enough. Quick story about this girl i used to work with. She made it her job to always be rude to me, put me down, ridicule me. She was a fucking bitch, a grown ass bully if you must. I never addressed her though cause im soft, but I did love myself enough to realize she was the problem and not me. I just couldn’t get rid of her because i liked my job (eventually i transferred tho thank god) Some toxicity you just can’t escape and I know you try to deal with it but it’s hard. My point is, there’s ways to handle people who just suck. It happens, not everybody is wavy. Ignore the Instagram posts that tell you you don’t neeeeeeed to keep someone in your life if they are toxic. Yeah, well you going to quit your job cause your coworker is trash? Exactly. I am not encouraging just letting people stay in your life even though they suck. No, if someone is genuinely toxic and you have them in your life doing more harm than good then they have to go, family, friend, it doesn’t matter. What im teaching you is how to deal with people that right now, you can’t escape. But if someone truly sucks, let them know they have to go, you know.  


I’m Rossy ( Row-z ). I am a mother and a writer. Im 28 years young and im still figuring myself out, but i realllly like the woman i’m getting to know. i love all things food, sleep & wavy fits. Im not even sure where i want to take this. My need to write is so much bigger than my need to understand why.

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