A Voluntary Bid in the Friend Zone.

Friends are the most important people in our lives. Sometimes even more than family. They are the people we call for the good the bad and the ugly. But some people, really don’t know how to be good or even decent friends. The fact I even have to write a post dedicated to teaching people how to be good friends, is insane. In a few years someone is gonna google “how to be a good friend” and my blog is gonna pop up. That’s cool and all, but if this is you, in the future, reading my blog, let me ask you, how shitty of a friend have you been that you had to google this shit? Nah, but really. We all can use a little work when it comes to being good friends. Sometimes life just gets in the way and that’s okay. But being a complete shit of a friend isn’t okay either. So hopefully I can help you not suck so much.  

  1. Be kind– and maybe you think this goes without saying but it doesn’t. some of your friends are the meanest people in your life. yes you want someone who is honest & truthful but someone who is kind & protects your heart from pain. you can tell your friend the truth & tell them “about themselves” without being mean & hurting their feelings. Sometimes “friends” tend to put you down when their job is to always lift you up. Sometimes they even kick you when you down. Always be nice to eachother. Your friends are supposed to make you happy when the rest of the world is shitty. So if your friend is mean to you, the fuck is their purpose?  
  2. Don’t Compete- sometimes things happen for our friends that we wish happened for us. i understand that. but don’t hate on it. don’t try to do better or be better. just be happy for your friend. as they will be happy for you when your time comes. we are all blessed at different times. your time will come. don’t be a hater. How you hating on your friend? That shit is wild. But it happens. Sometimes your friends love you they just don’t love when good stuff happen to you and that’s whack as fuck. Just be happy for your friend, genuienly happy. You want good things to happen for the people in your life.  
  3. Be There- sometimes we don’t want advice. we don’t want to be told i told you so. we just want someone to be there. that’s it. it’s so tough to go through a hard situation and feel like you have nobody to go to because everyone is going to make you feel worse. be better than that. just be there with open arms. friends are meant to help you when you feel your loneliest. Just be avaiable. Let them call you at any time. Have open arms and wavy snacks and just be there. Check in on them. Make sure their mental health is good. Make sure their physical health is good. Let them know you got them always.  
  4. Communicate– if something is bothering you or if you don’t agree with the way your friend is behaving. tell them. friends should be able to tell eachother what’s wrong without any fear that the friendship will end. you should be able to hold eachother accountable for the shit you do. if you fear telling your friend how you feel or how they make you feel. then why ya even friends? that’s some bullshit. Friends should be able to be as honest as possible without fear of anything.  
  5. Be a wavy soul-THIS. Be the friend everyone needs. Be the friend that warms up the room. Sometimes you come across people who just have a wavy soul. Everytime they are around you’re just naturally happier. They make the world not suck so much. Their soul feels like a hug. Let me explain, you know how way hugs are? How it doesn’t matter what you’re going thru when you get a hug it just feels WAVY. This person’s soul is the human version of a hug. Be that. This is the most important way to be a good friend. To make your presence be more than enough to make someones day better.  

Im not saying im the greatest friend. I could probably use some work too. A lot actually. But I know that it really doesn’t take much to just be a good person to another human being. Friends are a very special part of us. They are the people we choose to allow into our lives. They are the people we share the greatest moments with that our parents can never know about. Take your time, both making friends and being a good friend. You don’t make your best of friends til you’re way older and learn more about the person you are. Once you know who you are, you know the type of people you want to share those parts of you with. Ohhh this shit got mad deep all of a sudden and I really wasn’t tryna make it all that. All im saying is be a good person, be a kind person, be a wavy person. That’s really it, its not rocket science.  


I’m Rossy ( Row-z ). I am a mother and a writer. Im 28 years young and im still figuring myself out, but i realllly like the woman i’m getting to know. i love all things food, sleep & wavy fits. Im not even sure where i want to take this. My need to write is so much bigger than my need to understand why.

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