Double Cheeseburger with a side of… Standards.


Double standards is a problem and honestly this blog post is a waste of time because this shit is never gonna change. Women have it hard. Men have it hard. People expect the most from each sex. Like men have to do this and women have to do that, or men can do this, but women can’t. And honestly, its bullshit but its what it is. We subconsciously do this shit or allow this shit. And yeah lately women have been all like Feminism and women power and blah blah, but has anything really changed? Nah. And its not going to. It’s silly to believe that any of it is. Because we can’t change everyone and so there will always be people who don’t see double standards, they just see shit for what it is. There’s so much shit men get away with that women don’t. Men don’t have to fear being raped or kidnapped. Men don’t have to go to the bathroom in groups in the club. But women don’t have to provide for their entire families. Women don’t have to have the car and the apartment and not live with their moms. there will be no change BUT that doesn’t mean that as a writer, I shouldn’t address the shit. Cause some of it is just stupid and doesn’t make sense. It still needs to be addressed. Little change is better than no change. But the problem is that some of this shit, just isn’t socially acceptable. Even to me as a woman, the ignorance sometimes takes over and im like “but you’re a girl you’re not supposed to…” they its like wait, nvm do whatever you want. So imma address the few double standards that bother me, but I chose the double standards that will probably never change just to get everyone all riled up.


SEX– Men can fuck as many women as they want, women can’t be out here fucking like that. But why? Like why a woman has to respect herself but a man doesn’t. That’s my question. My question is why do men get to have all the fun? Why can’t men respect themselves and be good, sacred men who save themselves for a special someone and women can go fuck whoever they want and the more bodies they have the cooler they are… You see what I mean? You’re reading this like “is this bitch stupid?” And this is one of those double standards that no matter how much we try to change it, it’s just not gonna happen.. Women cannot be out here fucking. I mean, im sorry women can most definitely be out here fucking, but there will never be a time where it’s praised or accepted. So do what you want sis but know that nobody ever gonna be like #feminism #fuckhellamen #sociallyacceptable , cause its never gonna happen. And hey maybe this double standard is a good thing. Men have sex without feelings thus not fuckin up their mental health. Bitches fuck with feelings, you atleast like the guy enough to sleep w him and then he don’t like you back or just used you for sex and you’re 300 rows deep in the explore page looking for a quote to post so he can see it while hes snuggling w his girlfriend. Now ya mental health is shit and you’re texting ya bestie like I wanna KMS.  

MONEY– The man needs to provide and if hes with a woman who makes more money than him he should be embarrassed. But why? Embarrassed of what? Money is being made. The home is being taken care of, the kids are doing well. Why does it matter who makes more money. Women are rarely ever seen as “bum bitches” if they don’t make a lot of money, nobody expects them to hold it down. But if a man doesn’t make enough money to take care of his entire family hes a bum. He’s a deadbeat. If a man doesn’t provide for his child, hes put on child support. If a woman doesn’t provide for her child, hes put on child support. See what I did there? You’re supposed to be w a man that makes more than you. A man is supposed to take care of you. A woman should not take care of a man, unless its her son. A woman should also understand that she shouldn’t try to make more than her man or provide more than he does because now she’s taking away from the man. My problem with this standard is that the ignorance will forever stand. It’s just what it is. There will never be a time where being a stay at home dad is looked at as socially acceptable. It’s always going to be frowned upon. A woman taking care of her family financially, being the main bread winner, will never be accepted by society, they will ask a woman to reduce her pay before they let her take away from a man being a man. Ridiculous as fuck but its just how things are.  

RELATIONSHIPS– Why in the fuck does a woman have to be ready BEFORE she gets into a relationship but a man is allowed to get ready while in the relationship. Let me explain cause this one gets me so tight. So, before a woman settles down with a man she has to have her shit together. She’s not allowed to make mistakes, cheat, she has to have already made all her mistakes in life (hoe phase, club phase, broke bitch phase), but a man is allowed to get into a relationship fully unprepared and the woman they are with has to deal with him while he continuously fucks up because hes tryna figure it out. A man can cheat and pretty much HAS TO be forgiven because, he’s just trying to figure himself out and he made a mistake and he just didn’t know how much you meant to him but he knows now. But if a woman cheats. YOOOOOOO  Drama!!! She’s a hoe, she destroyed her relationship, she should have known better blah blah blah. Men are always forgiven, their mistakes are always understandable. But women aren’t allowed to fuck up. That’s that bullshit. Men have been babied their whole life and continuously allowed to mess up because they aren’t ready. Bro, even while making them god was like yeah, ya can have a few extra years to develop your frontal lobe, women tho? Nah hurry up ain’t no waiting bihhh. It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating that we allow it. We forgive men so easily for all their stupidity that they think its okay. We enable them.

ART– Men get alot more attention in the arts. They are alot more respected than women are. For example female rappers always have to prove themselves, that they are good enough to get the same as men do. Women artist have to show they are as good as men to be displayed in museums. Frida was only poppin because her man sold her work, on her own, the art world was like LOL. Gender only matters when you’re a woman. When you speak about singers, or rappers, or dancers. It’s Greatest rapper alive no gender needed to be mentioned, but when you speak about women, it’s greatest ENTER THE GENDER and then the profession, alive. The arts favors men, always. Women are always sexualized. Women have to try alot harder than men do make it. Very rarely do you see women art displayed with men and most of the time that you do, it’s a special exhibit. They are underpaid and overworked. Cardi B probably had to try alot harder than someone else from the same neighborhood to make it, she probably makes less than alot of rappers shes better than. But this double standard isn’t going to change. Producers want sex to give you a decent beat. You probably gotta fuck your way to the top as a man, you just have to have some type of talent, if that. Women are expected to have more talent, to receive the same as a man with minimal talent. This is another one of those things that will never change, it’s just the way things are and we can’t do nothing about it.

APPEARANCE– men are always allowed to look like shit. Cause they look sexy all scruffy, or when a man comes home all dirty from his construction job that’s such a turn on. But if a woman gets home like that… not acceptable. Women aren’t allowed to be dirty. We aren’t allowed to have messy hair or go outside in sweatpants. We don’t look cute like that. You don’t look like a lady. However, if a man is primp and proper, takes care of himself, always looks good, grooms etc … he gay. You understand that ignorance that a man can’t just look good? But also what gets me mad is that double standard that men are allowed to get down and dirty. A woman working a “man’s job” isn’t even acceptable. Construction working woman? Not sexy. Female cops and firewomen, are sexy, because of role playing, arrest me officer on some horny shit. Not because you genuinely trust a woman to be those things. A woman must always look her best, smell her best, hair done, nails done, best fit just to go to the supermarket. When i go out to eat with my partner, he can wear a sweatsuit and it’s cool but i have to wear jeans a nice shirt some concealer at least to be considered, decent. Looks are really only important with women, that don’t matter with men. And i think men are embarrassed to upkeep themselves because they don’t want to seem, less manly. That’s that bullshit. The woman has to clean, it’s her job to keep the house clean, a man isn’t supposed to be clean. What in the actual fuck. A woman has to be more careful. She’s more delicate. blah blah blah. It’s so much. But yet another one that will never change. It’s what it is.

I am just about fed up. The thing with double standards is that, there’s no fixing them, there’s no making them better. It doesn’t matter how much we try for equality. We have to be realistic, like racism, sexism isn’t going to ever go away. It might lessen, but it’s not going anywhere. We have to just deal with it. But it’s nice to hear someone else shares your frustration no? All im saying is, in a world where you’re probably going to be judged for every choice you make depending on your gender, do whatever the fuck you want. But know that you’ll be judged for it where the other sex might not be. That’s just the way of the world. That’s just how things are. Get over it. No part of this post was to change the world. It really was just for you to read this and be like, YOOOOOOO FACTS, and then for you to get upset in knowing that, this shit will never change no matter how many people write about it. Including me. There will be little change in the world, maybe, but there will never ever be equality, once you accept that, begin to do whatever the fuck you want, you will be fine.


I’m Rossy ( Row-z ). I am a mother and a writer. Im 28 years young and im still figuring myself out, but i realllly like the woman i’m getting to know. i love all things food, sleep & wavy fits. Im not even sure where i want to take this. My need to write is so much bigger than my need to understand why.

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