For the first time ever, we are all going through the same thing. This corona virus has us trippin. If you live in a world where the only type of media you have is this blog, ill tell you whats been happening. There’s a virus, it’s called Corona virus, everybody is losing their mind, people are dying, it’s pretty serious and there’s a shortage on toilet paper. We’re told to practice social distancing which is really just staying away from large crowds, staying home unless you absolutely need to go out. For those of us who are actually respecting this and staying home, I know it can be hard as hell to figure out what do to with all this free time. At a time where anxiety will probably kill us way before the virus ever does. I decided to teach you how to stay safe, but also stay sane. Nurses and doctors only tell you how to keep from getting the virus, but who’s telling you how to stay sane. The media and all this information vomit is bound to drive us crazy. Watching the news, being on social media, even the radio, it seems that’s all that’s being talked about now. Shit, even my blog is talking about it. But i promise im here to help.

Pick up a hobby– remember that thing you wanted to do but you never had time for. Knitting, cooking, learning how to dance, crafting. I don’t know, but I know there was something you always wanted to do but you had no time to. You have time now. Lots of time. Actually the only thing you have is time. Download pinterest and learn how to do stuff. Honestly, you never know if the hobby you picked up, will become your new career when the world is ready to resume again. If you had a hobby you never really took as serious as you should have. Now is the time. Keeping busy is one of the best ways to keep from driving yourself crazy.

Self care– There should be no reason why we don’t come out of this looking our best. There’s no rush. You can do that hair mask for 30 minutes. You can keep that face mask on. Get enough sleep, take naps. You can eat healthy, you can workout at home since you were shy to go to the gym. When they ready to let us out, you going to be FIRE. They ain’t ready baby!! Just think, no make up for 30 days, your skin going to be GLOWING. And if you need sun, were allowed to go outside and get some. Go for a jog, sun and a workout. It will be a hot girl summer after all.

Spend time with your family– You know how your wife complains that you’re never home and you don’t spend enough time together. You got time now. Enjoy eachother’s company. Have at home date night. Movies, dinner, anything you can do outside you can do inside. Take this as a blessing that you get to be home with your loved ones and take full advantage of it. In a blink of an eye everyone will be back at work and you’ll miss all the quality time you didn’t spend together because you were on your phone. Do fun stuff. Don’t let this homeschooling thing overwhelm you. Take the time to teach your children all the things school never could. Want to go to the club? Have a dance party at home. Miss brunch? Day drink in your pajamas. Sleep in, let the babies snuggle with you. Because we work so hard, family time is sometimes nonexistent, we have it now, lets use it.

Clean– physically, mentally, spiritually. Clean out your closet, you know you don’t need all that stuff. Get rid of it. Organize. Declutter. Cleanse your system. You’re home, do a few days of juicing to detox your body. Meditate. Breathe in and out. Clear your mind. There are so many ways we can cleanse our lives and bring in nothing but positive energy so we can face this madness head on. Stop using your phone for a little while and let your mind breathe. Don’t overwhelm yourself. All the info were getting from the media is clogging our brain. Put the phone down and breathe. Put your phone down and clean out your drawers.

RELAX– Listen, somethings are out of our control. Let’s try to just get thru this as sane as possible. We can’t change what’s going on. This is what’s going on. The universe enjoys fucking with us every once in a while. We cannot lose it. We just have to accept things for what they are. We will compromise the fuck out of our mental health if we let this take over. And we want to get out of this healthy both physically and mentally. I know it’s alot, but chill. You have to. We aren’t all going to die. We will be okay.

We are one of the generations with one of the highest rates of mental health issues. We have so much anxiety, so much depression and something like this can set off our mental health in so many ways. We have to protect it. Right now, it’s hard. But we have to. The older generation is terrified and they depend on us to keep it together and keep them positive. Put your damn phone down!!!! The media is going to drive you insane!!! Please!!! All this misinformation, all these memes, all the news updates and number updates is going to make you lose your mind. Some are inaccurate, some are fake news, please. If we could all just put our phones down and breathe. Turn it off if you have to. Who’s calling you? Anybody who matters is probably quarantined with you. Nobody calling you to come outside. Enjoy the free time. Enjoy the me time. Enjoy the empty outside and go for a walk. It’ll be over soon. But the recovery of your mental health when your physical health is no longer compromised will be so much worse..


I’m Rossy ( Row-z ). I am a mother and a writer. Im 28 years young and im still figuring myself out, but i realllly like the woman i’m getting to know. i love all things food, sleep & wavy fits. Im not even sure where i want to take this. My need to write is so much bigger than my need to understand why.

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