Social(media) Anxiety.

Social media fucked me up. That’s it. That’s the blog, because every person who just read this said “same.” In one way or another social media has altered your life. Could be positive since so many influencers wouldn’t be who they are without it. But i don’t mean THAT social media. I mean the closer social media, of people you actually know, or have met thru someone, or just became friendly on the internet for some weird reason. That social media, the one where you actually meet these people at those parties they be posting flyers for. Instagram is just an app to flex what you were barely able to afford. It’s a battle of always trying to seem cooler than anybody else. Twitter is ruthless, ill tell you about that in a second. Nobody under 20 really uses facebook, thats for our aunts and uncles to post pics with a wild caption.Yall remember myspace? Tik tok is my favorite social media platform, i feel like its the least problematic. Nobody cares what you look like, people are just there for fun or to teach you shit or just to do dumb ass dances. Let me explain myself now that i have you here.

Instagram- Instagram is the worst. It’s so problematic. Everyone is competing. Nobody is there just for the pics. They are there to have ammo, to talk shit. To show off that they doing better than everyone else but really the rent past due. Everyone is doing the same thing, everyone is wearing the same thing. We all have the same hobbies. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve had good times on instagram, fitspo, made friends, even got a job in my field. But the truth of instagram is that it’s built to create insecurites. Seeing how everyone else is living and feeling like crap when you realize you have the same talents and youre poor. It embarasses you even when you’re not on social media. Like if your mattress is on the floor because your bed hasn’t arrived yet, its in transit. You take a fire pic in your room, but you won’t post it because even though you look cute, you care what people will say about your matress. IG is traumatic as fuck don’t tell me other wise.

Twitter– this was the platform that ruined me. People are so ruthless on twitter, like they will live stream your suicide ruthless. People are so mean on there. One time I made a joke and these guys did not like it. Well needless to say i might as well trademark Romyboattt because its a household name. They destroyed me. And so many random followers of theirs joined in on just laughing at the mean things they were saying. ouch. So twitter will ruin your life too. But you have options on there. You can stay lowkey. You can never tweet your opinion, if you do those, youll be fine.

Facebook- It really was never cool to have facebook. It just felt like a necessity. You needed to have a profile page with the basic information about you. Age. Birthday. Where you’re from and what you do. You would update your followers (who were usually just close friends anyways.) and that was easier than having to call or text or hang out to be able to know how the other is doing. Facebook is definitely responsible for the lack of social interactions in the past 10 years. I don’t have to hang out with you because you post where you are all the time so it feels like im there with you. However, your old ass aunt and uncle have kept facebook going by using all those filter features on the profile pic. Constantly commenting on your page and how much weight you’ve put on.

Myspace- even though myspace isn’t really around anymore. I think myspace is fully responsible for the reason our parents might have had some hope for us. We were really on there coding, constructing cool ass pages and honestly being 16 year old web designers. But once myspace died, so did our intelligence and really just uploading a picture on a platform thats already designed for you is so much easier.

Tik tok– i can go on for days. I love the way i can get just the right dose of everything. Jokes, cries, recipes, how to change a flat tire, music and those cool ass dances that I can’t ever get right. Like every platform it is a little problematic because, opinions and also what they do to their creators of color which is trash. But all in all, its good fun. Sending tik toks to people i love is a pass time. When someone sends me a tik tok it fills my heart. It brings people together (i do miss vine a bit tho.) but other than that, Tik tok really is a gem gifted to us by God when things were the hardest.

Listen, you can disagree with me about these platforms. You can sit here and say “no, i don’t be hatin on no bitch’s life on instagram” No but you do. And if you’re not hating, you’re trying to imitate something, her body, her fit, the pose she used in pic. That’s okay, shes probably doing it too. Social media tears us apart but also in a beautiful way brings us together, kinda. You can connect with friends you haven’t seen in forever. Some people have met partners and best friends on there. You’ve learned stuff. It’s made you cooler. Whatever it is to you, the one thing we can all agree on is that social media has a way bigger influence on us, than we expected it to.


I’m Rossy ( Row-z ). I am a mother and a writer. Im 28 years young and im still figuring myself out, but i realllly like the woman i’m getting to know. i love all things food, sleep & wavy fits. Im not even sure where i want to take this. My need to write is so much bigger than my need to understand why.

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