How to be depressed when you’re not ready to stop being depressed…

Now, this is not a post on how to heal your depression because i’m not a medical professional. This is simply me telling you how to deal with the fact that your ass is depressed. It’s like a survival guide. Like you’re depressed, now how do we do the bare minimum. Just enough to help you survive to see another day. Depression is hard. It’s not your common cold, take two & call me in the morning headache. Depression takes over your life. It completely paralyzes your world. You don’t eat. You don’t sleep. You have no joy or hope of things getting better. And I mean, eventually, if you work hard enough, it does get better. But it doesn’t mean you’ll able to do it right away. It takes time. It takes you wanting to get better. & sometimes, I mean you want it to get better, but you’re not strong enough to put in that work & that’s okay. Like i said. this isn’t a post to tell you how to heal. It’s to help you survive another day while you work on building the strength to begin healing.

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Double Cheeseburger with a side of… Standards.


Double standards is a problem and honestly this blog post is a waste of time because this shit is never gonna change. Women have it hard. Men have it hard. People expect the most from each sex. Like men have to do this and women have to do that, or men can do this, but women can’t. And honestly, its bullshit but its what it is. We subconsciously do this shit or allow this shit. And yeah lately women have been all like Feminism and women power and blah blah, but has anything really changed? Nah. And its not going to. It’s silly to believe that any of it is. Because we can’t change everyone and so there will always be people who don’t see double standards, they just see shit for what it is. There’s so much shit men get away with that women don’t. Men don’t have to fear being raped or kidnapped. Men don’t have to go to the bathroom in groups in the club. But women don’t have to provide for their entire families. Women don’t have to have the car and the apartment and not live with their moms. there will be no change BUT that doesn’t mean that as a writer, I shouldn’t address the shit. Cause some of it is just stupid and doesn’t make sense. It still needs to be addressed. Little change is better than no change. But the problem is that some of this shit, just isn’t socially acceptable. Even to me as a woman, the ignorance sometimes takes over and im like “but you’re a girl you’re not supposed to…” they its like wait, nvm do whatever you want. So imma address the few double standards that bother me, but I chose the double standards that will probably never change just to get everyone all riled up.


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Dominicano Soy; de mi raises yo quisiera olvidarme…

I need to get right to it. The toxicity in dominican households is wild. Alot of their upbringings are so outdated it’s ridiculous and they don’t even realize how much they fuckin the world up for us. Don’t take this as me bashing Dominican culture. I love my culture. We have one of the happiest countries in the world. Our music and dance moves are unmatched. Our food is top 5 culinary greatness. But our upbringing needs some work. Mad work actually. I guess now that im a mother, sometimes when my mom tries to tell me how to raise my child im like…. nah that shit don’t make no sense. And so i began to evaluate some of the stuff i was taught when i was growing up and i was like wait a minute now, how did anybody in their right mind think this was a lesson to teach someone… but okay. It’s not just me tho, a couple of my dominican friends have had this discussion with me and all say that shit don’t make no god damn sense. So imma discuss some of my “favorite” upbringings in dominican culture that are serious what the entire fucks to me. You do not have to agree. You can be 100 percent content with how this culture operates and if you are, this is your cue to go.

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A Voluntary Bid in the Friend Zone.

Friends are the most important people in our lives. Sometimes even more than family. They are the people we call for the good the bad and the ugly. But some people, really don’t know how to be good or even decent friends. The fact I even have to write a post dedicated to teaching people how to be good friends, is insane. In a few years someone is gonna google “how to be a good friend” and my blog is gonna pop up. That’s cool and all, but if this is you, in the future, reading my blog, let me ask you, how shitty of a friend have you been that you had to google this shit? Nah, but really. We all can use a little work when it comes to being good friends. Sometimes life just gets in the way and that’s okay. But being a complete shit of a friend isn’t okay either. So hopefully I can help you not suck so much.  

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Hi…. yes, yes i am.

We all do it. Please don’t judge me for this one and stop reading my blog because of it. Everybody smokes weed… almost everybody As advanced as you would think we are now, smoking weed is so taboo still. I don’t know why but it is. So if you’re a judgmental prick, stop reading now because this entire post is about getting high and being wavy. You can read the next one that’s about something the world isn’t so afraid of. Not only is getting high wavy, but everything you do while high is wavy. So what I want to help you with here is ways to make your high day the waviest possible. There’s nothing worse than a bad high. Trust me. Which is why I wish it wasn’t so taboo because getting high and then having to hide your high is the biggest mood killer. 

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You’re Toxic, i’m… not Britney tho.

Toxic people suck. They do. We constantly see posts saying “YoU CaN CuT tOxIc PeOplE OUt oF yoUr LiFe” but can you really? I mean, what if you live with or work with them. You really going to leave your parents crib because they get you tight? You know you can’t afford it, calm down, take your stupid ass to your room. Some toxicity is inevitable. You can’t cut it all out your life. There are, however, ways to deal with it to make it just a little bit more bearable. Or at least try to. So, in true romyboattt fashion, here’s 5 ways to deal with toxic people that you can’t avoid. 

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I need you to read this shit… it’s about mental health.


So far, all my posts have been funny. Not today. This post is a necessity. Mental health in the Hispanic and black community is such a taboo. There’s no such thing as mental health to the elder generation. Because of this, it is so hard to find proper help or even find out what’s wrong in the first place. So, what do we do in this case? Who do we talk to if we can’t talk to our own people because were constantly told “that’s white people shit”?  There is so much ignorance when it comes to mental health. “it’s not real” “you’ll be fine” “you don’t have any real problems”. But that’s the thing with mental health, it’s not picky. It doesn’t look at you and say well this person has a home a loving family a great partner lots of money, im not going to affect this one… Nah, rich or poor, big or small, you gettin’ this depression.

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Bummy at the Met Gala

The way we look from our hair to our clothes really depends on how we’re feeling & what we’re doing. Target usually gets the bare minimum from you but the baby shower of shorty who always throwing shade but invited you anyways gets the waviest pinterest inspired fit so she knows wussup. You get me? Just like we all have our own personalities, we all have our signature look; the look that says “this is something you would wear” & sometimes we try something way out our clothing comfort zone & spend the whole day feeling complete regret even though you look good (I call it the “what the fuck was I thinking I hate it here” look) As different as all our looks May be, we all have the same five looks. We live on a constant scale from homeless to met gala. As much as we wish we always looked like Anna Wintour personally invited us, we can’t. Let me explain. Continue reading “Bummy at the Met Gala”

Un-break my heart, no Toni

So, you got dubbed. You realllllyyyy liked them and they didn’t feel the same way about you. OK. It’s okay. I’m here. I’ve been dumped, ghosted, hurt, all that There’s no “you’ll be okay” “everything happens for a reason” “it’s for the best” … Kindly shut the hell up. . That shit hurts. There’s nothing anybody can tell you to make you feel better, just ignore everyone… this entire post will contradict everything I just said, because this is literally a post to help you get over a break up even though I just said don’t listen to anybody on how to get over a break up. Maybe right now you don’t want to hear it, and that’s okay. Bookmark this until you’re done crying. Since I’ve been there so many times, I feel like I know what I’m talking about and I should share with you how to get over this nonsense. (Again, when you’re ready… don’t let me tell you when to do it.) 

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A post about college, that has nothing to do with actual college

It really doesn’t matter what your major is, college is hard. For the past 12 years, you’ve been told what to do and what classes to take. When you couldn’t figure something out you could just go up to your teacher during class. You had your friendships that you spent years building and as gross as it was the food was free. Ok, so now you graduated… shit is about to go down. You pick your classes by yourself, (you pay for them too). You have to make an appointment with your professor (yeah, that’s what they call them in college), just to ask a simple question about the reading. You don’t have friends and you pay steakhouse prices for shitty food at this weird ass cafeteria and eat by yourself. Right so, so far all I’ve done is complain about college, but I promise you it’s not THAT bad. The college experience is much more than the education part of it. If you go fresh out of high school, it’s your first dose of the real world. If you go a little later, you ask yourself why the hell you didn’t do this sooner because your brain seems to not retain information as great as It did In your early years from all the partying you decided to do instead of going straight to college.

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